New Vegas Bouldering Gym


Press Release:

OldRock, Inc., has signed a lease in Las Vegas to develop an all-bouldering climbing gym. The facility is located on Valley View Boulevard, only minutes from the I-15 and Russell Rd. and from the I-215 and Decatur.

The new gym will be called The Refuge Climbing Center.  The climbing wall design is already complete, and engineering should be done by mid-April.  Construction of this 11,000 sq. ft. facility is planned to commence in July, and the grand opening is scheduled for this fall. Louie Anderson, the wall’s designer, will build the walls. Jeff Clapp, one of Rockreation’s founders, is project manager on the facility development, and Cody Hidler from Rockreation, Salt Lake City, will run the gym.

Clapp and Hidler, who have worked together for seven years, have established the goal of providing a great place to train, socialize, and get fit, and are committed to a culture where climbers of all abilities are part of the community.