New storage case for gear or water bottles


The Rock Gear case is a new versatile storage case for carrying extra gear or water bottles. It was specifically designed to be used by most outdoor enthusiasts.

The case has both a top cap entry and a side entry via zippers. The top cap opening is ideal for larger items like long bottles and lightweight clothing.  The case can hold round items up to 3.375 inches wide x 11.625 inches tall.  This works for many insulated and non-insulated bottles and cans depending on the size of the container.  The nylon and EVA foam body with water repellent liner provides padding and insulation as well.

The case is carried using the removable shoulder strap to allow users of many bottle types to be hands free without the need for a backpack.  Bottle walking is a trend on the trail these days where people hold bottles in one hand as they hike. However, holding a bottle in the hand for the entire hike is just not smart.   The rock gear case’s zippered top opening keeps the bottle safe and protected when not in use. Great for minimalists not wanting to use a backpack or where putting a bottle in a backpack is not convenient. When not used for holding bottles, the case can hold lightweight clothing, food, etc.

The Rock Gear case is $40.00.

Mark Connelly
Rock Gear Mtn

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