New Official Speed Hold Manufacturer


IFSC Speed hold.
IFSC Speed hold.

The International Federation of Sport Climbing has entered in to an exclusive collaboration with Planet’Roc, one of the KIT GRIMPE’s trademarks, for manufacturing and selling the IFSC Certified Speed Holds.

Planet’Roc will manufacture and distribute the holds using pricing, quality and design agreements set up with the IFSC. Thanks to the REV’OLUTION Technology, these holds will be lighter, standardized and UV-resistant. As a result, they will be easier to install, they will last longer, and they will be more precisely identic.

This new technology opens up exciting perspectives for the upcoming Speed competitions, by ensuring an equal playing field for all the athletes. In a discipline where World Records seem to be falling like dominos, it’s safe to assume that we will see some historic performances on these holds, and perhaps even a new World Record in the near future.

Certified Speed Holds provided by Entre-Prises are still valid for IFSC Speed World Cup use, and Entre-Prises remains an official manufacturer for the IFSC Certified Speed Wall, but all new IFSC Speed Climbing competition walls will have to be equipped with the new certified Speed Holds.