New Gym Opens Over Iconic New York City Bridge

One of the most notable aspects of MetroRock Williamsburg is the abundance of natural light. (All images courtesy of MetroRock)

MetroRock Williamsburg
Brooklyn, NY

Specs: 10,000-square-foot bouldering-focused facility is the sixth MetroRock gym—and MetroRock’s second location in New York City. It is located “basically right over the Williamsburg Bridge,” according to founder Pat Enright. The gym features an array of freestanding boulders built on and around the building’s unique columnar interior. A youth climbing team, instructional classes, and a Kilter Board are additional offerings of the gym.



The gym resides on the first floor of a building that features more than a dozen residential floors above it. Founder Enright tells CBJ the gym is offering some discounts to the building’s residents but is not necessarily targeting residents exclusively. The gym’s clientele is a much greater expanse.

Climbing at MetroRock Williamsburg gym in New York
The newest MetroRock facility aims to draw members from all five buroughs of New York City.

Walls: Walltopia
Flooring: Cascade Specialty
CRM Software: Created exclusively for MetroRock facilities

In Their Words: “I liked the location because at our location in Bushwick [Brooklyn], we don’t really draw from Manhattan at all. So, I wanted a location that allowed an easier draw from other boroughs. When I saw this [Williamsburg] location…it had all these pilings holding up the floors above, and we’d have to design around them—and I could just see us doing it. With all the windows, and the natural light, I could see a really comfortable space for hanging out and bouldering. I liked the location; it just appealed to me.”
—Pat Enright, Founder

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