New Expansion Gym Will Shorten the Commute in Coastal Virginia

Latitude Hampton expansion gym rendering
Currently under construction in Hampton, Virginia, Latitude’s third location will add 12,000 square feet of climbing to the state’s coastline and reduce the commuting time for residents north of the gym chain’s existing facilities. (All images courtesy of Latitude Climbing + Fitness)

Latitude Climbing + Fitness
Hampton, Virginia

Specs: Latitude Climbing + Fitness, a Virginia-based climbing gym chain, is planning to open its third location in early 2023. The mixed-discipline facility is under construction in Hampton, Virginia, a 30-minute drive from Latitude’s other two facilities. The first facility, a bouldering gym in Norfolk, opened in 2018 in the historic Ghent area of the city. Latitude then expanded to Virginia Beach in 2020, providing rope and speed options in addition to bouldering.

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“When we first built our facility in Norfolk, people were driving from 30 minutes away to come from areas like Virginia Beach,” Latitude President Marisa Beck said. The gym’s second facility shortened the drive for Virginia Beach residents, but climbers from other areas still faced a prohibitive commute. Coastal Virginia is unique in being split by multiple waterways, and a busy Hampton Roads Bridge Tunnel connects Norfolk and Virginia Beach on one side from Hampton across the channel. “That tunnel proves to be a challenge because the traffic backs up quite a bit,” said Beck. Latitude plans on “breaking down that barrier” by building a separate facility on the other side.

Latitude’s third climbing gym―its first ground-up facility―will be built within the Peninsula Town Center mixed-use development, with several dining, shopping and entertainment options nearby. The planned Hampton location will feature around 12,000 square feet of bouldering and roped climbing surface, as well as adjustable training boards, fitness amenities and classes (such as HIIT and yoga), and a pro shop. Members will receive access to all three gyms.

A second Latitude Hampton rendering
In addition to bouldering and roped climbing, Latitude’s planned expansion gym will also contain multiple training options and fitness accoutrements upon completion.

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In Their Words: “It’ll be really fun for those same folks who’ve been members with us, driving forever to get to us, to now only have to drive a very short distance to have access to all the same amenities…We’ve learned some lessons along the way with our other two facilities and hopefully all that comes out in the wash with this [one].” – Marisa Beck, President

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