New “Boutique-Style” Gym Has a Local Focus

New "Boutique-Style" Sunrise Bouldering Gym
The entryway to Sunrise Bouldering, featuring the check-in desk and various training accoutrements and stations. (All photos courtesy of Sunrise Bouldering)

Sunrise Bouldering
Geneseo, New York

Specs: Approximately 2,000-square-foot gym is bouldering-focused, but also features TRX workout bands, a custom hangboard and campus board accoutrements from Lemur Design. Additionally, the facility also includes a small party room and a storage area with lockers.

Trango Holds Pardners


Particularly unique is the gym’s “Climb with the Setter” days, typically held every few months when head routesetter Sarah Filler is in town. Youth competition teams are also planned, as are league nights, instructional climbing clinics, and possibly a State University of New York College at Geneseo (SUNY Geneseo) club team.

The town of Geneseo is a “national historic landmark village,” established in 1789, according to Sunrise’s founder, Jacob Caplan. The gym’s location was originally the site of the town’s first electric factory. In more recent years, the building housed a popular bar called Gentleman Jim’s and a bookstore, Sundance Books.

Sarah Filler setting at Sunrise Bouldering
Sunrise Bouldering features boulders consistently set by well-known routesetter Sarah Filler from Routesetting Institute (pictured here). The new gym also plans to feature live music and community events with local food vendors.

Designer: Abel Chouinard and a team at Lemur Design
Walls: Lemur Design
Flooring: Asana
Holds: Kilter and Urban Plastix
CRM Software: Acuity Scheduling, Square, and Waiver Electronic
Instagram: @sunrisebouldering

Climbing at the new "boutique-style" gym
The holds at Sunrise Bouldering were sourced entirely from Kilter and Urban Plastix. And the wall paneling was done by Lemur Design.

In Their Words: “Having grown up in Geneseo, I know how often the question, ‘What are we going to do?’ comes up for young people. And the answer is often ‘Let’s go up to Rochester.’ So, one of my major goals with Sunrise Bouldering was to offer a unique, healthy, and engaging experience locally. My intention is to offer a boutique-style bouldering experience, with high-end products and expertly set problems. The idea for the gym was made possible, in no small part, by a small business award from Livingston County Economic Development. Sunrise Bouldering is the only climbing gym in the county. It’s the only climbing gym on the east coast consistently set by Sarah Filler. My aim is to provide a fun, positive, and innovative atmosphere for climbers to reach their peak in personal growth and engage with a like-minded community. Opening during a pandemic has been a challenge, but I’m definitely enjoying it. I’m looking forward to hosting community events featuring live music, local beer, and delicious food grown locally.”
—Jacob Caplan, Owner and Founder