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MyClimb is your perfect climbing partner
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MyClimb has partnered with world-class professional climbers to offer Training Plans accessible through the MyClimb app.

The training plans are designed to help climbers of all levels structure their climbing, hangboarding and strength training―at home or in the climbing gym.

MyClimb’s Training Plans help even the earliest climbers gain experience and useful skills to make climbing more fun and accessible, encouraging them to continue coming back to the gym while also motivating more experienced climbers to climb at your gym more often.

Train With Pro Climbers

All climbers can benefit from the freedom of training that comes with the MyClimb app:

  • Training Plans designed by world-class professional climbers
  • Training Plans that match your preferences and time available to train
  • On The Wall climbing gym-specific training
  • Off The Wall hangboarding and fitness workouts
  • Injury prevention and mobility exercises
  • Train at home or in the gym
  • Customizable hangboard timer

Break Through Plateaus

The MyClimb app also helps you effortlessly track your climbing accomplishments, as well as hangboarding.

We’ve grown the app’s workout capabilities beyond climb logging and workout videos by professional climbers to include a versatile hangboarding training feature, unparalleled as an app-based solution.

MyClimb has created a custom hangboard feature that allows you to design and track your perfect hangboard workouts or to train with hangboarding and other workouts designed by the world’s best professional climbers.

Log Your Climbs & Track Progress

In addition to hangboarding, you can log climbs at your local gym or outdoor area. All gyms, areas and types of climbing are supported, and the most useful metrics are captured so you can visualize your progress.

MyClimb supports all international climbing grade systems and the largest climbing community in the world by our math, with more than 3,000,000 climbs logged in +10,000 climbing locations and across +100 different countries.

Set Goals to Stay Accountable

With the MyClimb app, you can progress through custom-tailored climbing workouts to increase your climbing fitness and track your progress:

  • Create custom Grade Pyramids to plan an effective training session or create a year-long dream tick-list;
  • Create goals around the frequency or volume of your training sessions;
  • Plan Goals around hangboard training, using MyClimb’s Hangboard timer or video workouts developed by professional climbers;
  • Keep yourself accountable with Climbing & Workout Reminders;
  • Visualize your progress toward goals with fun and informative graphs.

Turn Limitations Into Customization

With a wide range of equipment options―accommodating all types of exercise and +100 professional workouts―you have the freedom to train like a pro, whether you’re at the gym with your favorite equipment or doing bodyweight exercises from home.

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