Movement Gyms Collaborate With Local LGBTQ+ Artists for Pride Month

climb as you are T shirt

climb as you are T shirt

Englewood, CO (PRUnderground) June 20th, 2022: In honor of Pride Month, the largest nationwide community of indoor climbing gyms, Movement Gyms has teamed up with local artists to create unique, limited-edition t-shirts that will benefit LGBTQIA+ organizations. The designs, expressions of climbing, yoga, and fitness, will be available for purchase at Movement Gyms nationwide.

“While we prioritize partnering with LGBTQIA+ organizations year-round, it’s also important to our community that we also acknowledge Pride this month,” said Stephanie Ko Pound, EVP at Movement. “Producing this exclusive t-shirt, for instance, lets us shine a light on these gifted artists and their designs, while also supporting and raising awareness of great organizations around the country.”

Each design was created with the artists’ signature style. For example, Cam and Miah, the duo behind Camiah, a company to help people live inspired lives and do great work, created fun characters to create truly unique expressions of climbing, yoga and fitness. Jiyul Kim, a freelance artist and queer and non-binary boulderer, incorporated bold lines and dynamic colors to create a vibrant, textured and rustic look. And Karen Ceballos, a birds and rock enthusiast by day and illustrator by night, celebrated the LGBTQIA+ and BIPOC in the outdoors and the amazing biodiversity that surrounds us with a colorful piece that expresses her love for her climbing community – or rainbow-filled family.

“I was drawn to the more inclusive language of “as you are,” for folks who may be in the process of self-exploration and still figuring out their queerness,” explains Kim. “I decided to position the design on the back of the shirt to make it more visible while climbing. This makes the front of the shirt a more subtle expression of queerness, while the back is a bolder and more explicit proclamation of queer self-identification and/or support of the queer climbing community.”

Movement Gyms is proud to support LGBTQIA+ organizations around the country with every t-shirt sold. Proceeds will benefit

Movement Gyms celebrate the LGBTQIA+ community year-round with monthly queer climb nights, meetups with local LGBTQIA+ organizations, progress belay tags for the LGBTQIA+ community and allies, and more.

To learn more about this local artist collaboration, or to participate in local Movement events near you, please visit your nearest Movement Gym.

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