LEMUR Introduces The Adjustable Slab Wall

LEMUR Slab Wall

LEMUR Slab WallFor Immediate Release – June 16, 2022 –LEMUR Design specializes in high quality adjustable wall kits, climbing gym projects, and training tools. With over 130 walls installed across four continents, LEMUR is the most experienced adjustable wall company in the world.

We are excited to introduce our new product, the adjustable Slab Wall, unveiled during the 2022 CWA Summit in Salt Lake City.

Many of you know the LEMUR products being used for Kilter Boards across the world. Those different wall options were closely developed with industry-leader Kilter in order to give to the customer the best climbing experience on what is now recognized by many as the best training board on the market.

Continuing our partnership with Kilter, the 24 feet wide by 14 feet tall adjustable Slab Wall offers a totally different way to climb and train indoors. First of its kind, this climbing wall evolution offers a new perspective to gym owners and climbers.

    • Push-button adjustability from -10 ̊ slab to 40 ̊ overhang
    • Available in different sizes such as 8’-12’-14-16’-20’- 24 feet wide and 12’-14’ feet tall
    • Tons of climbing in a relatively small area of your gym
    • Quick angle adjustment between different climbers for training and teams
    • Hands down the fastest way to master limit moves
    • High quality components – metal framing, electronics, t-nuts, wood, and customizable paint
    • T-Nut pattern available for Kilter Board / standard grid or in a diamond cut pattern

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