Largest Paraclimbing Comp in USA

Photo: Denver Post

The Denver Post is reporting that June 10th, USA Climbing and Boulder’s Paradox Sports hosted the largest-ever paraclimbing competition in U.S. history, with athletes from around the world.  The compitition was but on in conjunction with the IFSC Bouldering World Cup held that same weekend.

Not even two years ago there were few avenues for disabled athletes looking to compete in sport climbing. Sunday notched the first step toward creating divisions and competitions that can host increasingly talented climbers who are piggybacking an international push to include sport climbing in the 2024 Olympics.

The last two years have seen the International Federation of Sport Climbing hosting the first Paraclimbing world championships, and paraclimbing is establishing itself on the international climbing circuit, with climbers from more than a dozen countries competing in contests like the one Sunday at the GoPro Mountain Games.

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