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    We are looking for a team member who will set problems at our bouldering gym, as well as instruct climbing lessons for small groups.

    Part-Time Position
    Pay: $17 $20 hourly

    Hours: 20-30/Week
    Schedule: 8:00am-5:00pm — Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

    Job Summary:

    As a route setter you are responsible for working with the team toward a shared setting vision, creating  functional, approachable, and aesthetically interesting routes. The routes must be inclusive to the full spectrum of height and strength. You are expected to communicate and collaborate effectively with the setting team and be open to criticism through the setting process. Our team embraces the spirit of collaboration. Setters are role models; therefore, it is expected to be a good ambassador and steward of climbing for both Terra Firma and the climbing community at large.

    As an instructor you’ll work with the head coach and events coordinator to instruct groups in climbing technique lessons. These lessons will encourage members and new climbers to climb safely and effectively. Having patience and a positive attitude during lessons will help encourage climbers to reach new limits.

    Responsibilities & Duties:

    -Motivated with a growth mindset.
    -Set safely, following all safety guidelines
    -Be an active participant in route removal, setting, forerunning, and clean-up
    -Accept feedback from setting team, staff and members
    -Lead climbing lessons for small groups of adults and youth
    -Participate in staff meetings, one-on-ones with head setter, and team climbing sessions
    -Be a good ambassador and steward of climbing for both Terra Firma and the climbing community at large.


    -A minimum 1 year of route setting experience
    -Must be capable of setting and forerunning up to V7
    -Strong understanding of bouldering and its unique nature within the climbing world.
    -Commitment to safety guidelines for the gym
    -Must adhere to Terra Firma’s commercial routesetting practices.
    -Creativity and problem solving skills will be utilized daily.
    -USAC Route setting certification levels and prior competition route setting experience will be considered but are not required.

    To apply for this job email your details to

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