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Where friendships are made and good times are had.

Terra Firma Values:

CONNECTION – Unveils a sense of purpose, builds self esteem, and cultivates empathy in ourselves and for others.

GROWTH – Isn’t always linear, but should be celebrated in ourselves and others when it shows up.

FUN –  Nurtures creative expression, problem solving skills, and overall wellness for everyone.


As head route setter you are responsible for leading the team toward a shared setting vision, creating  functional, approachable, and aesthetically interesting routes. You will be setting the benchmark of excellence to the entire setting crew, the majority of routes must be inclusive to the full spectrum of height and strength. You are expected to communicate and collaborate effectively with the setting team and management, bringing forward new ideas for growth. Organization and attention to detail are critical for your success. Be open to criticism and willing to adjust for the betterment of the climbing community.  Embrace the spirit of collaboration by developing strong relationships with other setters across the region to grow the level of setting not only at our gym, but everywhere. You will be a central figure and face of the gym; therefore, it is expected to be a good ambassador and steward of climbing for both Terra Firma and the climbing community at large.

Responsibilities & Duties:

  • Manage/lead the setting crew by empowering setters with new techniques and constructive criticism.
  • Reset the entire gym once a month, making sure to include variety and creativity for each grade we offer.
  • Invite at least one guest setter every three months, whether that be a capable member of our gym or setters from gyms in our area.
  • Motivated with a growth mind set.
  • Participate in weekly managerial meetings, brainstorming sessions, and planning.
  • Reports directly to the operations manager.
  • Curate and develop routes that expand on contemporary setting at an international level.
  • Manage, hire and train supporting routesetters.
  • Imperative to be a good ambassador and steward of climbing for both Terra Firma and the climbing community at large.


  • A minimum 2 years of experience managing other setters at another rock climbing facility.
  • A minimum 5 years experience as a setter in any capacity at a rock climbing facility.
  • Must be capable of setting and forerunning up to V9.
  • Strong understanding of bouldering and its unique nature within the climbing world.
  • Leadership skills and management capabilities are vital.
    Must adhere to Terra Firma’s commercial routesetting practices.
  • Creativity and problem solving skills will be utilized daily.
  • USAC Route setting certification levels and prior competition route setting experience will be considered but are not required.

Work Environment:

  • Climate controlled indoor environment.
  • Noise level ranges from moderate to loud.
  • Must be able to concentrate through distraction and communicate effectively.
  • Team building activities.


  • Weekdays, Monday through Friday – –  9am to 5pm / Flexibility required


  • Yearly Salary range starting at $45,000, dependending on experience.
  • Annual bonus tied to individual and company-wide performance.
  • Benefits included: Health, Dental, and Vision.
  • Generous PTO package.
  • Funds for travel, certifications, and clinics.
  • Tools and equipment included.
  • Industry pro deals and in-gym retail discounts.
  • Free membership for you and your spouse.

To apply for this job email your details to courtney@climbterrafirma.com