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Job Description: HEAD SETTER
Hours: 1.00 FTE, Non-Exempt
Reports to: General Manager
Compensation: Salary, DOE, incl. medical/dental plan and PTO

Bouldering Project’s mission is to foster meaningful human connection with the most inspiring and inclusive climbing, movement, and community spaces. We care deeply about humans. We’re driven by the pursuit of better. We create joyful places and pathways for climbing, fitness, yoga, and social experiences that inspire people to challenge themselves and engage in a lifestyle centered around health, friendship, and purpose.

Head Setter

The Head Setter will be responsible for overseeing and implementing all aspects of climbing and route setting at Minneapolis Bouldering Project.

This role also involves supporting route setters and route setters-in-training in their development, maintaining the highest degree of quality in climbing, hiring and staffing for route setting needs, as well as working with the General Manager in the overall management of the climbing and safety at the gym.

The Head Setter will contribute to forwarding the goals and mission of the climbing at Minneapolis Bouldering Project as a vital part of the gym’s offerings.

The Head Setter will also be responsible for and facilitate both USAC sanctioned and non-sanctioned competitions hosted at the gym.

Minneapolis Bouldering Project Setting Goals:

-Provide the highest quality of climbing in the industry with the richest diversity of movement possible in each level.
-Offer safe, clean and well-maintained routes on state-of-the-art holds set by innovative route setters.
-Encourage a healthy practice of the sport of climbing by maintaining a regular schedule of route rotation in order to keep clients enthused about  climbing.

General Responsibilities

It is imperative to recognize that the gym’s clientele must maintain excitement about routes, rotation, holds, and route setting—and that this excitement will often be communicated with the Head Setter.

The Head Setter is, in many ways, the figurehead of climbing at Minneapolis Bouldering Project and must conduct themselves accordingly.


Develop and maintain a route setting schedule, distributing a difficulty and length/height concentration for climbs within the gym in an appropriate manner.

Maintain and improve BP’s circuit system. Track and maintain appropriate distribution throughout the gym.

Be available on a regular basis to meet with groups and to advertise the Minneapolis Bouldering Project.

Communicate regularly with the General Manager about the status, quality, and offerings of the climbing at the facility.

Communicate with Programs Coordinator to create and maintain routes for children and special programming. Communicate with the Head Coach to create appropriate training opportunities for the teams.

Point-person for the quality control for routes and climbing for the gym, acting as an arbiter and modifier of climbing routes during forerunning.

Cleaning of walls and surrounding areas as required.

Label routes and maintain quality of route presentation and labeling in the gym, adjusting labels and tape as required. Develop and maintain a route distribution and age display.

Organize and implement appropriate, industry-leading safety systems during setting.

Organize, facilitate, and set routes for competitions at the gym. Other duties as assigned.


Develop a meaningful work relationship with the setting team and share the workload in an efficient manner.

Design, organize, implement, and oversee a setter safety-training program in order to protect our staff and customers. Maintain the highest standards of risk management, in line with company, CWA and other industry standards.

Participate with the General Manager to hire talented and qualified setters.

Schedule setting staff via organized, economical, and efficient staffing systems.

Maintain employee motivation and job satisfaction through dynamic leadership.

Communicate with staff to understand availability and share scheduling.

Maintain discipline and professionalism among staff. Ensure setter staff quality by participating in assessment and evaluation.

Communicate with the General Manager and setter staff, as needed, to ensure staff quality. Other duties as assigned.


Collaborate with the General Manager for regular new hold purchases.

Maintain organized, clean, and efficient back-stock systems.

Ensure that holds and equipment remain clean, functioning, and of high quality.

Research new offerings in setting and holds.

Collaborate with the General Manager to purchase setter tools (drills, ladders, etc.) and supplies while adhering to budgets.


Regular time in the climbing areas interacting with customers. Collaboration with fellow managers.

Other duties as assigned.


Considerable autonomy in setting and climbing programming under the direction of the General Manager and Director of Setting.


Supervise team of setters, as well as any wall maintenance crews.

Though the route setting will be performed on a regular basis, many duties require an ability to be flexible in working hours:  Weekday, weekends, and nights may be required.


Please email cover letter and resume to katie.schultz@boulderingproject.com.  Application window will close Friday, February 10th,2023.

Applicants can expect an in-person and/or phone interview with the Head Routesetter/General Manager the following week.  If we have a high volume of applicants, the interview process could extend to two weeks.  Thank you!

To apply for this job email your details to katie.schultz@boulderingproject.com