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  • Honolulu, Hawaii
  • Aug 31, 2022
  • Anthony Bagnoli
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Honolulu's Climbing Gym

Route Setter

About HiClimb:

HiClimb opened in Honolulu, Hawaii on July 1, 2021. Our 14,000 square foot facility offers over 8,000 square feet of climbing terrain that includes bouldering, top-rope, auto belays and lead climbing. We also offer our members and guests a weightlifting area, yoga and fitness classes, a café and co-working spaces.

We are a community focused organization.

Our mission:

Improve people’s lives through indoor rock climbing.

Our values:

  • Indoor Climbing is the best thing we can offer someone for their physical, mental and emotions wellbeing.
  • The obligation to lower the barrier of entry for everyone who could have roadblocks to participating in Climbing
  • Realizing our own unearned advantages in society and putting others in a position to teach us.
  • Do what is the most ethical, diplomatic, open-minded, especially after negative or ill treatment.
  • Being deliberate about our words and actions as an example of friendship, caring and love.
  • Realizing we will always be surprised by other humans and allowing them to fully be who they are at that moment.
  • Making the best out of this moment we have.

We are looking for a team member who:

  • boosts climbing and wellness for others,
  • shares a genuine passion for their work,
  • is relentless and takes extra steps to support the whole organization,
  • has a thorough and professional approach to risk management,
  • approaches problems with a pro-positive solution-based mentality,
  • is adaptable & creative in responding to roadblocks for our team, guests, and revenue goals,
  • is concentrated on building the whole team over individuals or themselves,
  • has a growth mentality / infinite mindset and is always learning and improving,
  • has an aversion to negativity and is pro-positive,
  • takes pride in their work, their team and their development of the organization,
  • builds a resilient community that gives and accepts support when needed.

Our setters are responsible for the quality, excellence, and risk management systems of the HiClimb climbing terrain and associated equipment. They deliver the quality climbing experiences for our community members through professional and deliberate setting, community engagement and proactively sought community feedback. They are part and parcel of the whole organization by not only route setting but by continuing their own development and encouraging that of all their teammates and our whole community.

Roles & Responsibilities:


Follow setting schedules for settings including stripping, cleaning, setting and forerunning and upkeep of previous sets to meet a balance of quality, efficiency, density and job satisfaction.

  • Setter average
    • >3 boulder problems for a regular set
    • >1.5 rope routes a set
  • Maintain a diversity and depth of ability on the RIC scale
  • Continues to improve their RIC scale delivery and their awareness of their own body and climbing.
  • Follow the HiClimb risk management philosophies, practices, and SOP’s
  • Perform risk management inspections of routes to identify fall hazards, rope drag concerns, etc.
  • Participate in morning briefing and de-briefs
  • Maintain setting gear and equipment
  • Clean and organize setting closet.
  • Maintain 1-business day response time with email and in-person follow-up as necessary
  • Assist the Route Setting Manager in track inventory of holds, setting tools, and PPE.
  • Report on morale and physical demands. Request adjustments as needed to maintain a thriving wellness level.
  • Aid in implementing and enforcing facility rules


  • Execution and document weekly Risk Management Inspections in the logs
  • Rest day/body maintenance day

As Needed/when possible:

  • Support Route Setter Manager with competitions and special events
  • Retrieve auto belays, hang ropes, etc. as the needs arise
  • Assist RSM in deciding purchase of holds, setting gear, tools, and personal protective equipment
  • Help coordinate external development opportunities
  • Help ensure that operations are following standards as outlined
  • In co-creation with the RSM ensure HiClimb is aligned with the greater risk management standards of the broader industry
  • Leverage personal industry networks to support recruiting
  • Keep abreast of industry developments & the latest events and offerings
  • Be a “market expert” — be familiar with other gyms:
    • Their route setting styles [density, approach, hold selection, volumes, features, etc.]
    • Their route setting teams and how they engage with community members [ex: events, competitions, workshops]
    • Their risk management practices
    • Their Route Setting Team amenities [RS wellness programs, insurance coverage, partnerships for RS teams]


  • Assist in annual physical inventory reconciliation.

Job Requirements:

  • 1+ year of commercial route setting experience
  • Experience setting for 1+ climbing gyms
  • Ability to forerun at least V6 and 5.12
  • Ability to carry large buckets of climbing holds, as well as move large ladders
  • Extensive competition setting experience
  • Extensive outdoor climbing experience
  • Must be an active climber
  • Lift upwards of 50 pounds


  • Starting compensation
  • $21.00 per hour
  • Complimentary membership for a significant other or family members
  • Daily buddy passes
  • Full Health Coverage
  • 12 unpaid holidays
  • Paid time off (PTO):
    • 5 days of PTO starting after onboarding
    • 10 days of PTO each year after completing 1 year of full-time work. They will have 5 days in their first year. These do rollover but each employee can only have a maximum of 10 days accrued at any time.
  • One month paid sabbatical every 3 years of full-time service.
  • The most fun you will have at a job.

To apply for this job please visit www.hawaiiclimb.com.