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    Locally owned and operated, Edgeworks has been a leader in the climbing gym industry since 2004. Together our three gyms – located in Seattle, Bellevue and Tacoma – consist of over 56,000 sq ft of climbing surface and offer the greatest variety of climbing, fitness, instruction, guiding and community in the region.


    To be the innovative leader of indoor climbing, outdoor adventure and fitness for the active community by providing exceptional customer experiences focused on climbing and community that challenge and inspire an active lifestyle.



    A welcoming group of climbing enthusiasts, adventure seekers, and friends connecting through our shared interests in climbing, fitness and fun.


    A focus on excellence; from staff training, accreditation, and program development to facility offerings, partnerships, and everything in between; going above and beyond to deliver quality experiences and knowledgeable staff.


    A commitment to do what we say and stay true to our word, ourselves, our goals, and our community.


    Our motivation for all things; providing the inspiration, the instruction, the venue, and the excitement to help everyone achieve their goals – inside the gym and outside.

    General Summary

    Responsible as the key director and manager of all youth instruction, program development and operations, and ensuring management and training with respect to those programs. The Youth Programs Director works in collaboration with Gym Youth Program Managers, the Owner, the Director of Operations, other senior staff, and directly with Gym Managers to ensure consistent company growth by providing the highest quality experience for program guests and students.

    Core Functions:

    • Manage and oversee all Youth Programs at all facilities, including enrollment, capacity, and hiring and training.
    • Identify program needs and implement changes/new programs to grow the department while minimizing gym impact.
    • Collaborate with marketing, accounting and operations to facilitate communication of objectives, needs, and concerns.
    • Help to develop and manage Youth Programs budget to maximize profits, overseeing the payroll and department expenditures.
    • Maintain positive relationships between customers and Edgeworks Climbing through effective communication, program impact, and youth program culture.
    • Set short and long-term goals for future improvements and growth.

    Principal Activities:


    • Nurture employee motivation and job satisfaction via dynamic leadership and support.
    • Drive communication structures that ensure staff are knowledgeable, capable and able to support company goals and objectives.
    • Maintain accountability and professionalism among staff.
    • Ensure staff quality through assessment and evaluation.
    • Collaborate and delegate responsibilities to key staff.
    • Communicate with the Director of Operations and staff, as needed, to ensure staff quality.


    • Key manager of Youth Program Managers at each gym.
    • Facilitate a weekly Youth Program Manager meeting.
    • Ensures quality communication and customer service for students and instructors.
    • Develop, manage and evaluate youth programs.
    • Develop, maintain and update youth program curriculum.
    • Audit and adjust youth program capacity based on gym needs and impact.
    • Plan and develop programs and courses, including regular school year programs and school break camps.
    • Report on youth program profitability, effectiveness and quality.
    • Collaborate with the marketing team in the marketing of youth programs.


    • Key manager of Head Coaches at each gym.
    • Facilitate a weekly Head Coach meeting.
    • Plan and develop a season overview each year, including tryouts and competition planning.
    • Review and audit the Team Handbook on an annual basis.
    • Plan and manage team clothing and gear orders.
    • Audit and adjust team capacity based on gym needs and impact.
    • Maintain a regular parent newsletter.


    • Plan and review budgets specific to youth programs.
    • Operate within yearly budget.
    • Monitor and report on profitability, effectiveness and quality of youth programs.
    • Contribute to yearly budget planning.


    The Youth Programs Director is at the forefront of setting standards around culture and community within Edgeworks Climbing’s youth programs and must:

    • Work with Youth Program Managers and Team Coaches to establish and maintain respectful, controlled programs in all Edgeworks facilities.
    • Lead staff in supporting a progressive culture and community.


    • Contribute actively to team efforts and goals as needed.


    • Minimum 3 years related management experience.
    • Rock Gym Pro software expert preferred.
    • Experience with developing youth programming, preferably in a climbing gym setting.
    • Excellent oral and written communication skills.
    • Experienced and proven team leader.

    Employment Status:

    • Full-Time (hours may include working events, weekends, projects and/or working before/after regular hours)
    • Salary $70,000 – $75,000 annually, DOE
    • Paid Time Off
    • Medical Benefits
    • 401k
    • Industry Benefits/Perks

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