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Austin Bouldering Project General Manager

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Austin Bouldering Project is seeking a General Manager who leads with a people-first mentality while maintaining an even-keeled hold on the big picture, day to day operations, and team management. A successful General Manager possesses the grace to manage a large team with kindness and compassion. They will also have an operational acumen, an eye for efficiency and be well versed regarding financial decisions and budget-tracking. An ideal candidate embodies the core values of the Bouldering Project, and advocates for creating a sense of belonging and accessibility for all.

Each Bouldering Project Facility has its own unique personality and flare that resonates with the city and community. The General Manager has the exciting opportunity to put their own spin on the Bouldering Project in Austin, while maintaining the brand’s values and culture of inclusivity. The General Manager sets the tone for the facility and acts as the face of the Bouldering Project in Austin.

The General Manager is charged with running and building out the brand in Austin. An ideal candidate has their finger on the pulse of what is culturally relevant in Austin as well as being attuned to changes and movements happening within the bouldering community.


The General Manager is responsible for managing all aspects of operations, programming, and facilities at the Bouldering Project climbing gym in Austin, Texas. The General Manager supervises the gym’s management team and supports employees at all levels of the organization in their roles and responsibilities. The General Manager is charged with the continued development, improvement, and implementation of the systems, operations, and safety procedures at the gym. It is of paramount importance that the General Manager establishes and maintains a culture of collaboration, respect, and safety among the gyms’ staff and community.


• Lead the management team cohesively with the shared goal of running the highest-quality gym in the industry.

• Drive continued development of new and progressive management and operations structures and practices.

• Develop and implement new and progressive workplace culture.

• Schedule management team via organized, economical, and efficient staffing systems.

• Nurture manager motivation and job satisfaction via dynamic leadership and support.

• Maintain accountability, discipline, and professionalism among managers and staff, and ensure management quality by participating in assessment and evaluation at all levels of the gym.

• Support continued professional development of management team.

• Work consistently and closely with Bouldering Project Directors and Owners to ensure quality, consistency, and unity across the gyms.



• Ensure exceptional customer service across all operational pathways.

• Collaborate with all levels of staff to align on and implement marketing strategies, branding, and customer experience standards.

• Collaborate with colleagues to build relationships with community contacts and companies for events and opportunities.

• Foster a welcoming, inclusive community and a sense of place within the walls of Austin Bouldering Project.

• Ensure that customer experience remains the highest in the industry.



• Develop and maintain organized, clean, and efficient operating systems.

• Ensure that facilities, IT, and equipment remains clean, functional, and in line with industry standards.

• Oversee all aspects of operations, events, instruction, and programs.

• Manage the company’s budget and satisfy ongoing reporting requirements.



• Develop and drive communication structures to ensure that all staff are knowledgeable and capable.

• Oversee and participate in insurance, healthcare, and risk management execution.

• Ensure payroll is executed diligently and accurately.

• Schedule and facilitate staff, supervisor, and management meetings.

• Develop and support employee experience efforts from all levels of management.



• Serve as staff lead in Risk Management development and execution.

• Oversee incident reporting and reviews, safety reviews, emergency scenarios, and policy-writing.

• Act as Incident Commander in an emergency.

• Ensure all operations, programs, and events have sufficient emergency support through systems and notification sequences.



It is imperative to maintain excitement about the culture and community of Bouldering Projects. The primary responsibility of the General Manager is to understand, maintain, and grow the culture of Austin Bouldering Project. The General Manager leads the staff and management team in supporting the Bouldering Project community and must conduct themselves accordingly.


Many duties require the availability to work a flexible schedule based on business needs and events, including evenings and weekends. Duties often occur before and after regular business hours.


The role requires passion for deepening the characteristics of our company-wide culture: relaxed and intense, hip and sophisticated, collaborative and decisive, transparent, innovative, curious, and infused with energy and passion. Leaders within our organization expect to be held accountable for their responsibilities by those they lead.

Interested applicants should send a resume and cover letter to denise@theforestgroup.com. Preference will be given to early applicants.

To apply for this job email your details to denise@theforestgroup.com

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