Instructor Sentenced In Climbing Prodigy Death


Tito Traversa climbing in Gorges de Loup in France. Photo:

Gear Junkie is reporting that several people connected in the death of climbing prodigy, Tito Traversa were sentenced earlier this month.

The case came to fruition this week as Nicola Galizia, 36, the climbing instructor on site, received a prison sentence of two years. Galizia was also fined €21,000 ($24,716) in judicial expenses.

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The sentence concludes the first part of the case. The judge now has 30 days to explain his decision, and lawyers can decide how to proceed.

Galizia’s sentence was half of the original request of prosecutors. In Italy, a prison sentence of two years usually does not lead to time spent in jail.

Five people were charged with manslaughter in the case. Among those charged were Luca Gianmarco, owner of the climbing gym Traversa visited; Carlo Paglioli, owner of Aludesign, the company that manufactured the rubber part of the quickdraw; the owner of the gear shop that sold the parts of the quickdraw; and two of the adults that were present at the climbing site.

The judge acquitted Gianmarco and Paglioli of the charges.

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