Indoor Climbing Gaining in Houston

Photo: Eric Kayne /

The Houston Chronicle reports that climbing in the Texas area is exploding with 3 commercial climbing gyms and one more expected this year.  Stone Moves, owned by John Muse who (the only active USAC National Chief to own a gym) is quoted in the Chronicle as saying, “There’s a generation of kids who are just going to climb inside, never going to climb outside. It’s like a whole different sport – people like to jump around a little more. The things you see here, you’re never going to see outside.”

Opening this year, inSpire which will have 17,000 sq feet of climbing and 45 foot walls.  Not to mention the 6 Life Time Fitness gyms all with climbing walls that dot the Houston landscape.

Houston is just one of the dozens of metro areas around the country experiencing a climbing gym boom.

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