Grip List 2020: Register Your Brand for New Exposure

2020 Grip List Survey coming May

2020 Grip List Survey coming May

Spring always brings new life and new hope to the northern hemisphere. Trees bud and bloom, the weather warms, and routesetters and climbing hold brands know that CBJ’s annual Grip List is just around the corner.

Each year since 2014, CBJ has queried routesetters from around the world on their favorite climbing hold shapes. Their votes determine the top brands, “all-time favorite” brand and favorite brand of volumes in our Grip List. Last year, we even added a “people’s choice” award to the mix through a partnership with Wooden Mountain in Loveland, Colorado.

For the Grip List 2020, be sure to register your brand for the survey and the people’s choice vote, where brands will receive new exposure this year.

2020 Grip List Survey

We are introducing a few new categories in the 2020 Grip List Survey, which will be released in May. In addition to last year’s awards, this time CBJ will also be awarding routesetters’ favorite:

  1. Fiberglass macros
  2. New brand that began since the last vote

Climbing hold, volume and macro brands can check the CBJ directory here to be sure they will be included in the vote options. Please contact us to be added or to update your details.

The Shape Gallery

People’s Choice Vote at The Shape Gallery

Wooden Mountain is again partnering with CBJ to host the People’s Choice Award From The Shape Gallery during the Climbing Wall Association Summit in May.

Climbing hold brands will gain extra exposure this year through The Shape Gallery at Wooden Mountain. Not only will climbing professionals attending the CWA Summit get to climb and feel your grips, but we will also be posting images of each problem online and bringing this people’s choice vote to a worldwide audience with an online survey.

Register for The Shape Gallery at Wooden Mountain here.