Gnarly Nutrition Releases New Video Series


Gnarly Nutrition Releases New Video Series

“Fuel for Life” illuminates underlying values & human stories behind our favorite outdoor sports

SALT LAKE CITY, UT — Gnarly Nutrition is excited to share “Fuel for Life,” the first brand videos from the sports nutrition company.

Through its video series, “Fuel for Life,” Gnarly Nutrition explores personal contemplations and individual motivations of four different athletes. “Fuel for Life” highlights each athlete’s internal fuel in their daily life and their favorite sports.

Because of the content’s intimacy, Gnarly Nutrition contracted four different film crews already familiar with the athletes to create each video, rather than one film crew to produce the entire series. Through this approach, each athlete could be most comfortable when giving pre-production and on-camera interviews, and planning the story, allowing for the most authentic audio and visuals to reveal itself:

Blake Hansen is a gravity-fed, speed-loving mountain biker. Out of Utah, she is a seasoned desert rider and enduro racer. She’s known for being pretty fast around the western US and has made many appearances in catalogs and brand videos. With a recent invite to dig at Red Bull Formation and develop her freeride game, she is an up-and-coming rider proving to be someone to watch for. “Fuel for Life: Blake Hansen,” a film by Katie Bennett, uncovers Blake’s relationship with bikes and her own acceptance of her role in the mountain bike community. This film will be released on Monday, July 26.

Ultrarunner Trevor Fuchs dreamt of becoming a professional athlete when he was a child. But, with success comes new expectations, and a new reality to navigate. “Fuel for Life: Trevor Fuchs,” a film by Cam McLeod, illuminates Trevor’s personal thoughts on the “why” behind his running career. This film will be released on Tuesday, August 3.

“Fuel for Life: Sam Elias” brings viewers through a day in the life of climber Sam Elias. The film features Sam’s poem, “Kindling,” and its wisdom on fuel as a variety of sources, not just food or liquid energy. This film by Michael Call highlights the contrast between a vibrant, creative home life and the intensity of training in the gym, which emphasizes Sam’s introspection. This film will be released on Thursday, August 12.

Born in Guatemala City, DACA recipient Alvin Garcia migrated with his family to the United States in the late ‘90s. Now residing in Salt Lake City, Alvin is a routesetter at The Front Climbing Club and spends his free time climbing, running and cycling … usually with a few friends by his side. “Fuel for Life: Alvin Garcia,” a film by Tommy Chandler, emphasizes community as a foundation in Alvin’s life, and in all of his pursuits. This film will be released on Monday, August 22.

Visit the video series landing page on Gnarly Nutrition’s website, and follow along on Instagram, to be notified of video releases, and more information.

About Gnarly

Based in Salt Lake City, Utah, Gnarly is a sports nutrition innovator that aims to help you achieve your goals by providing clean, effective, and delicious supplements to fuel your progress. Gnarly products are always non-GMO, gluten-free, soy-free, NSF Certified, and use only natural sweeteners and coloring. Aiming to help individuals reach their full potential, Gnarly has a full range of clean nutrition products and backs its commitment to high-quality products with a pledge to educate others about the benefits of functional nutrition.

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