Gnarly Nutrition Re-Signs Kyra Condie to its Athlete Team



Gnarly Nutrition Re-Signs Kyra Condie to its Athlete Team

Salt Lake City, UT — U.S. National Team Member in climbing, Kyra Condie, has officially re-signed to Gnarly Nutrition’s athlete team.

“Everyone at Gnarly Nutrition is really passionate about what they’re doing and really believes in the product and all the athletes,” said Condie. “The brand and their efforts are really genuine.”

Condie fell in love with climbing at age 11. By 12, she discovered she had severe idiopathic scoliosis. But that hasn’t held her back. In 2010, she had a spinal fusion surgery to correct her more than 70 degree curvature, which took her several months to recover from.

Though she started climbing competitively before her surgery, she didn’t win her first major competition until after her spinal surgery. Since then, she has qualified for Tokyo, become a Bouldering World Cup finalist, and is a regular at pro competitions around the US.

“It’s an honor to have someone of her caliber choose to work with Gnarly. Kyra is one of the most dedicated and focused individuals I have ever met. Combine that with her talent and strength, and you have a very competitive climber,” said Eli Kerr, CEO and original co-founder of Gnarly. “Kyra puts the time into training, so she is prepared and can show up her very best. She has a long career ahead of her and we are so grateful to partner and help her with nutrition while she competes.”

Kyra will continue to use Gnarly’s sports nutrition products to fuel her biggest goals. “Gnarly’s Vegan protein is my favorite,” said Condie. “I’m definitely a fan of the ‘emergency-I-didn’t-plan-and-need-protein-quick-shaker-bottle,’ but I also love smoothies with Gnarly protein, walnuts, bananas and almond milk.”

“I definitely have more World Cup goals I’d like to accomplish after Tokyo,” said Condie. “And there’s still a lot of climbing outside I want to do. My climbing career is not finished yet.”

About Gnarly Nutrition

Born in Utah’s Wasatch Mountains, Gnarly Nutrition is committed to educating and inspiring athletes at all levels. Gnarly provides honest, effective and great tasting sports nutrition that is NSF Certified and NSF Certified for Sport. Gnarly’s full line features science-backed products free of hormones, GMOs, proprietary blends, antibiotics, or anything artificial.

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