Essential Climbing Distributes Top Brands

Essential Climbing

Essential Climbing

New to the scene, Essential Climbing’s carefully crafted selection of brands fulfills the needs of the modern climbing gym with high quality holds, fiberglass and wood volumes. Kumiki Climbing, eXpression, Squadra, Lapis and Axis’ shapes offer innovation and a vision for the future of climbing. Our team is comprised of top-level setters and shapers with decades of experience, and we are proud to introduce Essential Climbing.

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  • Pies, Puzzles and Flow Series
  • Poured at Aragon


  • Fiberglass Volumes – Pipes, Shadows and Foxes
  • Holds – Legends; poured at Aragon
  • Wood Volumes – Romain Desgranges Pro Models
  • Exclusive US distributor


  • Fiberglass Macros – Fichtl, Dadao, Sick
  • Holds – Bulb, Climax, Sick, Pure, Manta, Punch; poured at Aragon
  • Wood Volumes – Drago, Frutti di Bosco Pro
  • Exclusive North American distributor


  • Holds – Footholds, Goody, Giga Edges, Giga Pinches, Mini Goodies, Macro Goodies, Screw-ons
  • Poured at Aragon
  • Exclusive North American distributor


  • Fiberglass Macros – 18,21
  • Exclusive North American distributor

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