Our Gym Map Data Is Now Available For Private Use

CBJ data can help you grow

Want our gym map data in your own hands? We’d love to empower your own analysis, and also your sales efforts.

A dozen people have spent hundreds of hours cumulatively to collect, vet, and analyze our dataset. It’s composed of over 1800 currently operating climbing gyms, rec centers, fitness clubs and schools that have climbing walls across the world (over 1200 in North America). It’s constantly growing as we add and update locations. We include email addresses for over 50% of the list with constant new additions, see this sample data for reference.

You can get the CBJ gym map data XLS in two ways:

  1. Become a Premium member – you will get password access to a version of the map that has on-demand downloads of your filtered settings. Of course membership has many other benefits as well.
  2. One time purchase – for $600 we will send you the latest XLS. Complete the payment below and we will send you the XLS within a few business days.

LEGAL NOTE: By making the purchase below you agree to our Terms of Use which detail the intellectual property rights and restrictions on sharing and publishing the data you receive from CBJ. View the full Terms of Use. After purchase we send this agreement to sign before we send the data.

Purchase Gym Map Data for $600

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