CWA Seeking Data to Influence Reopening Policies

CWA Industry Advocacy Survey
Image courtesy of Climbing Wall Assocation
CWA seeking data to influence reopening policies
Image courtesy of Climbing Wall Assocation

The Boulder, Colorado-based Climbing Wall Association (CWA) recently released a survey aimed at gathering data from gym owners and managers in order to better influence COVID-19 reopening policies around the country.

Specifically, the CWA is aiming to use the information to help strengthen position letters, policy statements, and other arguments for industry-specific guidelines in the future. CWA is broadly categorizing the gathering of such data as “Industry Advocacy.”

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“The CWA is hard at work organizing climbing gyms and providing actionable information to help individual states and provinces advocate effectively to their local health authorities,” stated a post by CWA in a mass email. The organization added, “Your responses will directly impact the numerous states who are facing closures and help us argue for industry-specific guidelines for you and for gyms around the world.”

Climbing Business Journal invites and encourages gyms to participate in the survey, which can be found here.

The “Industry Advocacy” survey is just one of many that the CWA has done since the pandemic began, including monthly reopening surveys related to revenue, customer retention, membership check-ins, and other factors significantly impacted by the COVID-19 crisis. These surveys and more resources can be found on the CWA website.

CWA also offers assistance to gyms advocating to local health authorities—in the form of networking services, supporting information, and citable data. For such assistance, send an email to:

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