Climbing Insider News Weekly: November 6

Climbing Insider News Weekly: Nov 6
Photo by Jesse Sklut (courtesy of The Spot)

With so much going virtual lately, there’s no shortage of valuable articles, videos and podcasts being published online around the climbing industry. We highlight some of the major storylines from last week below. To get all the latest news in your inbox and before this roundup hits the web, sign-up for our weekly Insider newsletter here.

Climbing Insider News Weekly: Nov 6
Photo by Jesse Sklut (courtesy of The Spot)

Just a few thoughts.

It can be hard to slow down. Especially with Halloween behind us, the holidays ahead and planning for 2021 on our agendas. Plus, between an election and the pandemic, there’s plenty to grab out attention right now. Even if breaks don’t feel quite like they used to, give yourself permission to rest. You might just find you get more done. And if not, you’ll at least be reminded that we’re more than what we produce.

Content for Climbing Insiders

An ‘Evolutionary’ Extra Forearm Artery – Does it Benefit Climbers? (Natalie Berry, UK Climbing)
“In short, there’s a lot more happening at metabolic and cellular levels in the muscles during physical exercise than a simple ‘more blood in = more energy for working muscles’ equation.” – Natalie Berry

Sport Climbing Athletes in Limbo ahead of Final Tokyo 2020 Selections (Natalie Berry, UK Climbing)
“With eight Tokyo 2020 quota places still up for grabs and the status of four continental selection events being at the mercy of the COVID-19 pandemic, Sport Climbing athletes are balancing their physical training with immense psychological stress, all while keeping one eye on the news.” – Natalie Berry

Overcrowding Creates Tipping Point on Climbing Restrictions (Access Fund)
“We can’t blame new climbers for wanting to share in the experiences we love…We all need to be kind to each other at the crags. We feel the profound, transformative impact that climbing can have on our lives, and that experience doesn’t belong to us alone.” – Chris Winter

Fun: Sometimes you need a little help from your friends (BLOCS climbing gym)

Upcoming Virtual Events

Banff Mountain Film Festival Oct 31 – Nov 8

No Man’s Land showings Oct – Nov

Halls and Walls Nov 6

Access Fund Climbing Advocacy Conference Nov 14-15

Vertical Life Film Tour Nov – Dec

REEL Rock 15 Global Online Premiere Dec 15

O.R. Winter Online Jan – Mar



Beta for Gym Managers

How to Throw the Best Member Appreciation Events (Emma Walker, CWA)
“Trying out new ideas and having events flop is an important step in finding the great ones to repeat.” – Nick Muffet

The COVID-19 Pandemic and its Impact on Mountain Sports – A Study (Simon Richardson, UK Climbing)
“Our research has found that the risk of contracting or transmitting SARS-CoV-2 appears to be very low while participating in outdoor mountain sports. Given our ever-increasing knowledge and understanding of the virus and its modes of transmission, we can identify high and low risk situations, and apply simple procedures to minimise the risk even when virus prevalence in the community as a whole may be high.” – Roger Everett

Pre-Order Route Setter Magazine #3 (Vertical Life)

CBJ Original Articles

Stone Gardens Joins Edgeworks Climbing + Fitness (CBJ)
“Stone Gardens is now in the capable hands of Tod Bloxham and the Edgeworks Climbing + Fitness crew. I look forward to seeing this combination grow. As for me: It’s been a great ride and now all I have to do is avoid the old folks home.” – Keith Magnuson

Kumiki’s EverActive Wall Makes Nature of the North an Indoor Climbing Destination (CBJ)
“Having the EverActive Wall with the adjustable angle makes it feel like we have thousands of routes.” – Chris Deal

CWA Is Looking for a Marketing Coordinator (CBJ)

Homewalls + Routesetting + Training

Homewall of the Week 29: Recycled Upstairs Bouldering Room (CBJ)
“I have definitely made an effort to reclaim or reuse as many materials as possible. I’m still making volumes out of the scraps from the original panels.” – Kevin S.

Video: Home Climbing For Less Than €200? (EpicTV)
“With climbing walls across Europe closing down again it’s time to find another training solution. We look at the products you can buy to get the perfect home set up.” – EpicTV

Video: How To Improve Your Upper Body Stability (The Climbing Doctor, EpicTV)

Video: The Flow Formula – How to Climb Faster (Movement for Climbers)
“There’s a consistent formula across all sports that any good instructor will teach a newcomer. It goes by the acronym TAPS. It stands for technique, accuracy, power, speed. This is the order of things to work on if one wants to maximize their potential.” – Movement for Climbers

Video: Improve Your Climbing Technique – No Hands Climbing! (Lattice Training)
“No hands climbing! Yup, this often feels like a bit of a party trick, but underneath all the silliness, it’s actually one of the best “secret” exercises or tools to great climbing technique. The reason why, is that by eliminating the use of hands on the wall, you have to really learn how to use your hips, centre of gravity, momentum and feet in a very efficient and effective manner.” – Lattice Training

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