Climbing Insider News Weekly: November 13

Photo by Daniel Gajda (@gajdaphotography)

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Photo by Daniel Gajda (@gajdaphotography)

Just a few thoughts.

By now we’ve long reached the “it feels like this should be over” emotion during this period. But one thing’s for sure: we won’t get there without safety and solidarity. Whether finding creative ways to keep staff employed and member families supported or fighting for the survival of our small businesses, let’s keep building safe environments to do so and working together to meet the needs of our climbing and wider communities.

Content for Climbing Insiders

Finding Community (Drew Hulsey, Gym Climber)
“Climbing media and social media do a disservice by showing only perfection. That hits hard for those of us with self-esteem issues.” – Drew Hulsey

Best Rock Climbing Ethics and Practices (Gym Climber)
“What we do individually reflects on climbers as a group…We need to lead by example and educate our ranks if we want to continue to enjoy our current level of freedom and maintain the quiet calm of outdoor climbing.” – Gym Climber

How WWII Led to the Climbing Ropes We Use Today (Gripped)
“It all changed in 1953, when the German company Edelrid created the kernmantle design, which placed a strong synthetic rope core within a braided nylon sheath. They increased elasticity and strength, and solved issues with untwisting and rope wear.” – Gripped

Historic Ouray Routes Resurrected for Reimagined Ice Fest (Corey Buhay, Rock & Ice)
“With Bozeman cancelling its Ice Fest, and Michigan potentially cutting back, this is an opportunity for world-class ice climbers to compete, and for Ouray to show what we’re all about to North America and to the world.” – Peter O’Neil

Video: Climbing Gear ASMR – A Parody (Natalie Berry, UK Climbing)


Upcoming Virtual Events

No Man’s Land Showings Oct – Nov

Access Fund Climbing Advocacy Conference Nov 14-15

Vertical Life Film Tour Nov – Dec

REEL Rock 15 Global Online Premiere Dec 15

O.R. Winter Online Jan – Mar

Beta for Gym Managers

CICC Meets With CA State Public Health (CICC)
“CICC members…worked together to present the case that climbers were already working within a lot of the culture public health was seeking individuals to adopt – safety orientation, safety and distance respect, and support of masks.” – CICC

The ‘Gym Rights’ Movement Flouting the UK’s Second Lockdown (Jim Greig, Vice)
“Whatever you think about the lockdown measures, it’s clear that urgent action is needed: Wednesday saw 492 deaths recorded [in the UK], which is the highest level since the middle of May.” – Jim Greig

USA Climbing Seeks Qualified Individuals for Open Board Positions (USAC)

CBJ Original Articles

Distance Learning Meets Climbing: Sender One’s COOL Camp (Joe Robinson)
“We were just trying to pivot as much as we could for a couple reasons: one, to create jobs for our employees and two, to provide a space for family support. A lot of parents were working at home and they needed an option for their kids during summer.” – Crystal Tan

How Climbing Centers Are Navigating Tiered Reopening in California
“From the bottom of our hearts, we’re so incredibly grateful to our members for sticking with us through this closure. I think that’s the number one thing that I would say to anyone who’s having a hard time right now is just to look to your membership. Treat them as well as you can because they’re going to treat you well in return.” – Kenneth Pack

Homewall of the Week 30: Decked Out Family Garage Homewall
“After a 10-year hiatus from climbing, my teenage daughters both started climbing with me and then the local gym shut down. I didn’t want to lose this – plus I needed a hobby during lockdown.” – Scott Harder