Climbing Insider News Weekly: January 2

Photo by Daniel Gajda @gajdaphotography
Climbing Insider News Weekly: January 2
Photo by Daniel Gajda @gajdaphotography

Just a few thoughts

New Years is usually a time of reflection and celebration. Even if it feels like there’s not much good to draw from 2020, the turn of the calendar is still an opportunity to renew core values and look forward. Gyms are staying optimistic, organizations continue to get better, and vaccines are on the way. At the very least, a crazy 2020 is behind us, and we’ve made it this far. That alone is worth celebrating.

Content for Climbing Insiders

Podcast: Cameron Maier – The Rise of Bearcam (Dave McAllister, Thundercling)
“After leaving Delaware for the mountains of Colorado, Cameron Maier joined a trail crew in Rocky Mountain National Park…When he was furloughed in 2010 as the season drew to a close, Cam used his government cheese to buy his first camera. And he met Dave Graham. The rest is…well, you know.” – Dave McAllister

New Colorado study claims no link between gym attendance and COVID-19 infections (John Meyer, The Denver Post)
“The study, based on [Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment] statistics through Nov. 18, was published Dec. 7. It covered 32 weeks of Colorado gym attendance data, representing nearly 8.5 million check-ins, and found no link to 59 outbreaks reported by CDPHE.” – John Meyer

CWA News + Tools

CWA Cancels 2021 Summit
“As we look to 2021, we’re putting the needs of our members first by acknowledging the severe financial strain our industry faces. We hope that the time and money you would have invested in the Summit can be used towards rebuilding your business and supporting your employees.” – CWA

How The New COVID-19 Relief Package Helps Indoor Climbing
“Looking back at the roll out of the first round of PPP funding, you should immediately begin to explore your options before loans become unavailable. Start by contacting the bank you are already working with and try to maximize your initial PPP loan amount.” – Garnet Moore

November Reopening Dashboard

CWA Grows Team With New Marketing Coordinator
“Please join the CWA in welcoming the newest addition to our growing team – Jake Byk, our marketing coordinator. Jake (he/him) has been a professional visual communicator for more than six years, working in multiple fields across the country.” – CWA

New CWA Website


CBJ Original Articles

Maureen Beck and Meagan Martin Join USA Climbing Board (John Burgman)
“As we work to better serve the entirety of our climbing community and align with US Olympic and Paralympic Committee best practices, we are honored to add two highly respected athletes and leaders in Maureen and Meagan. Both individuals bring a wealth of expertise, insight and energy that will be a welcome addition to our Board of Directors.” – Marc Norman

New Gym Offers “Socially-Distant Physical and Mental Exercise”
“Opening in the middle of a pandemic is not easy, but we were embraced by the local climbing community as well as new climbers alike. We are proud to have The Gravity Vault be able to offer a place where people can come for some socially-distant physical and mental exercise, especially during these very stressful times.” – Sam Wright

CWA Cancels 2021 Summit

HWOW 37 – A Busy Father’s Barn Wall

Training + Nutrition

Mental Training Made Simple (Neil Gresham, Gym Climber)
“Many climbers shy away from the subject of mental training, partly because the benefits can seem less tangible than those of physical training, and also because the subject can appear excessively complicated…but the topic can be boiled down to a relatively short list of fundamental problems and solutions.” – Neil Gresham

Video: Climbing With No Hands – Can You Learn More This Way? (Lattice Training)
“It might look a bit funny or not very “normal” but trust us, this type of climbing has huge potential when combined with quality physical training and general technical mastery.” – Lattice Training

To Pull or Hang (Dr. Tyler Nelson, TrainingBeta)
“It is kind of confusing to know while climbing if you are pulling with your fingers, or simply hanging on your fingers and putting the load on your toes. I think it ultimately depends on the demands of the effort…but I would argue that the answer is likely somewhere in the middle.” – Dr. Tyler Nelson