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Climbing Industry Data

Here at Climbing Business Journal we are proud to have supplied entrepreneurs and growing businesses with the best industry data since 2013. No other entity in climbing has this track record.

Our data is gathered independently – surveys and self-reporting represent only a portion of our dataset. More than a dozen people have collectively invested many hundreds of hours collecting, vetting, and analyzing our data. Many believe CBJ data represents the gold standard for our industry.

Best of all, we love publishing data for our community to use for free. We know starting a climbing business can be a lean affair.


  1. North American Climbing Gym Map – the centerpiece of our data includes deep filtering and open/close data by year since the industry began.
  2. Gyms & Trends Report – our annual report since 2013 covers the “tip of the spear” of industry growth, since each new facility creates many new climbers.
  3. Grip List Survey – this is more on the fun side, but routesetters worldwide benefit from our annual survey and awards.


Digging deeper into our data can help answer the questions you have about the market. That is why over the past year we have developed these new offerings:

  1. Opportunity Report COMING SOON– we created this new report by crossing our proprietary dataset with publicly available data from Census and other sources. The result is a deep analysis of the U.S. climbing gym market that looks at the availability of climbing. Did you know that about half of the formal Metropolitan Statistical Areas in the US do not have a climbing gym yet? Not all are attractive markets, so this report gets into the weeds to help you understand where the growth opportunities exist.
  2. Gym Map Data CSV – for your own analysis and/or sales efforts, a portion of our gym map dataset is available to the public. You will get a spreadsheet of all “open” and “planned” facilities on our map.
  3. Independent Consulting – if you’re looking for more market analysis than we have provided above, we now invite you to hire us independently to help your project. Theresa Phamduy Ph.D. has spent years crunching the numbers for much larger industries than ours, and is ready to put that knowledge and experience to work for you. We are also available to consult on operations and marketing, our team has decades of experience running climbing gyms.