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MyClimb: Attract, Engage, Keep

MyClimb: Attract, Engage and Keep Climbing Gym Members

Branded Content When lifelong climber Bill Brooks turned 21, he traveled in his truck for a year and climbed all over the United States. He met many other climbers during his travels and wanted to stay connected with them after returning home. The idea to create the MyClimb Community was born. The goal of MyClimb…

Aragon: Growing to Stay on Top

Aragon: Growing to Stay on Top

Branded Content Aragon Elastomers, a leader of climbing hold manufacturing, continues to innovate in order to offer customers the best experience. Aragon is pleased to announce that they are implementing a new ERP system to improve order processing, shorten lead times and offer customers a more streamlined and clean experience. The polyurethane climbing hold manufacturer…

Indoor Climbing’s Digital Future

The Future of Indoor Climbing is Digital Too

Branded Content The world is constantly changing, and indoor climbing is no exception. Climbing gym businesses of different shapes and styles face new challenges in a maturing industry, at all stages of the business cycle. Before opening, a long list of factors could be taken into consideration: size, location, full-service or bouldering-only, overall investment, etc.…

Impact: Feel the Difference

Making an Impact: that Canadian Climbing Wall Manufacturer

Branded Content It’s only a matter of time before more people hear about IMPACT Climbing. With humble beginnings in Milton, Ontario, Canada, IMPACT has amassed over a decade of climbing wall manufacturing experience. Building a successful business is an enormous undertaking. It takes dedication and hunger to become an entrepreneur. Kyle and Erin Wilson, founders…

2nd World Indoor Climbing Summit

WICS 2019 - the 2nd World Indoor Climbing Summit

Branded Content The moment Free Solo won the Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature, climbing underground days were recognizably gone. The Oscar was the ultimate acknowledgement that, after years of significant growth, climbing is no longer a niche sport but a global trend. Not everyone saw this coming, especially at such a pace. There were…

New Shapes, New Movement

New Shapes, New Movement

Branded Content You walk into a new gym hoping for a good climbing workout. You are eager for the stretch and the pump. Excited voices of other climbers echo throughout the space underneath overhead music. It smells faintly of sweat and chalk. You look around at the walls and assess your climbing options. In addition…

Software Powering the Industry

Rock Gym Pro - The Software Powering the Industry

For the past 10 years, hundreds of climbing gyms around the world have relied on Rock Gym Pro’s member management software to run their business. In fact, over 90% of all climbing facilities use our software to run their daily operations with over 100,000 check-ins – each day!  We’re proud to be an integral part…

Sport Keeper: Gym Software

Sport Keeper: Climbing Gym Management Software

Branded Content Last year 43 new climbing gyms opened according to an article here on Climbing Business Journal. In addition, between 1,000 and 1,500 people try climbing for the first time every day. The climbing industry is getting bigger, and your gyms member base is growing right along with it. Managing the members, payments, and…

Movement RiNO: Intentional Design

Movement Climbing + Fitness RiNO: Designed with Intention

Branded Content When you walk into Movement Climbing + Fitness’s new all-bouldering facility in the River North (RiNO) district in Denver, the first thing you will see is a field of free-standing boulders inviting you to top them out. Skylights in the factory-style ceiling illuminate gray and lime green Entre-Prises walls that are littered with…

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