Building Your Rental Shoe Fleet with Butora


Branded Content

From the company that brought you the original markless rental shoe—Butora Habara—comes an innovative rental shoe upgrade for late 2018—the Enoki and the Sparrow.

The Enoki is Butora’s update to its fleet of adult premium rental shoes. It comes with a breathable mesh upper material, and a sturdier markless rubber composite for increased durability without compromising performance and comfort when taking on the toughest of walls.

The Sparrow is Butora’s improvement to its fleet of youth premium rental shoes. It also comes with a breathable mesh upper material, and a tougher markless rubber composite for increased durability, comfort, and performance on even the most demanding walls.

Adapting to Ever-Changing Needs

With more and more gyms choosing higher friction walls and volumes for those walls, it is important for shoe companies to be able to adapt quickly to changes made by gyms.

In 2017, the Butora team, with its more than 300 demos across the country, noticed that the higher friction walls were creating problems for the gyms by eating through the rubber on their rental shoes. So, the company decided to get ahead of the curve, address the problem, and reformulate its rubber to increase durability to its already high-performance rental.

In addition, through the close relationships of Butora with club directors and climbers all over the country, we developed an understanding of how important it is for first-time climbers to move from their athletic training shoes into their first climbing shoes.

The added mesh, breathable upper to Butora rentals is a modification to help new climbers transition into their new sport with a shoe that makes them feel they are in their element. An added feature is the antimicrobial lining that helps reduce odor, so that new customers walk into a gym and step into rentals that smell fresh and welcoming.

It is important to stay up-to-date with the continuous changes and growth in the industry, and Butora is excited to introduce these shoes to new and current climbing communities across the country. Whether you are a current customer looking for an upgrade in quality but not in price or a new patron looking to create an environment in your gym that will keep people coming back, Butora has the answer to your rental needs. Contact us to complete your rental fleet with our brand new Enoki and Sparrow shoes.


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