Building Code Violations for BKB


New York City building inspectors ordered Brooklyn Boulders‘ namesake location to limit the number of people in its facility to no more than 74 people, including staff, at any one time, a Department of Buildings spokesman told DNA Info.

Photo: BKB
Photo: BKB

Brooklyn Boulders owner Lance Pinn said the problem is related to the arrival of a new dialysis center next door.

“We just have a new neighbor sharing the building with us which has required us to separate our sprinkler systems,” Pinn said in an email. “While that’s going on we have to keep the occupancy down for fire safety. Should be taken care of within a matter of weeks and I think we’ll be able to accommodate all our climbers by switching to a reservation system.”

Even though there are no immediate structural dangers to the building, the forced limitation does present huge challenges for BKB members. Climbers currently need to put their names on a wait-list or stand in long lines. The reservation system BKB is using states that customers can reserve a time to climb in the gym but are limited to 1 hour and 45 minutes at a time and can only visit once a day.