Brewer Fitness Announces Company Rebranding to Treadwall Fitness

treadwall fitness

treadwall fitness

Brewer Fitness Announces Company Rebranding to Treadwall Fitness

This re-branding brings the company name closer in line with it’s most recognizable and popular product the Treadwall®.

Randolph, Massachusetts 12/20/2021 Brewer Fitness an American manufacturer of climbing and fitness training equipment including the Treadwall® announced today that it has completed a major rebranding to be known as Treadwall Fitness moving forward into 2022.

First cousins Jeff and Conant Brewer invented the Treadwall® in the late 80’s and first brought the product to market commercially in 1990 when they formed Brewer’s Ledge, later updating the name to Brewer Fitness. Today’s rebranding will entail an updated website, logo, social media handles and hashtags as well as a streamlined product assortment.

Company co-founder and President Conant Brewer says “Now is the right time to make this change, as more athletes have become acquainted with our equipment through visibility in climbing gyms and social media posts.”

The former company name Brewer Fitness represented the history of the Brewer family’s involvement with the business,  but was not immediately recognizable as a manufacturer of climbing and fitness equipment.

Visit to explore the updated website, product listings, and athlete endorsements.

About Treadwall Fitness

Treadwall Fitness is the manufacturer of the Treadwall®, the world’s first rotating climbing wall, offering vertical movement training for climbers and athletes, as well as the Boulderboard® climbing stations, and Laddermill® ascender. Committed to American manufacturing, the company produces all of their equipment in Randolph Massachusetts, and strives to create sustainable, environmentally friendly manufacturing processes.

Media Contact:
Conant Brewer

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