Saturday, October 24, 2020
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As parks and recreation departments look for more ways to lure people into green spaces and get them active, many are finding solutions in climbing and bouldering structures.
Central Saanich has recently been named the "Competition Climbing Capital of Canada."
Vital Bouldering Gym will open it's doors in Bellingham, WA to the public this July 13th.
The IFSC has just announced new rules governing the how world records are set at international championship events.
Video of this years SCS Youth National Championships.
Brooklyn Boulders is slated to open a second gym in Somerville, Massachusetts this summer. The location will be a unique combination of climbing gym, retail and community spaces.
Colorado Springs, the second-largest city in Colorado, will receive it's third commercial climbing gym this July. The facility will be C-Springs first bouldering-only climbing gym.
Nicros new auto belay patent is perhaps the first of it's kind to address the all too often problem of climbers leaving the ground without being clipped into the auto belay.
Alpine Towers International based in Asheville, North Carolina, was sued for $4.7 million after the plaintiff, a 17-year-old student fell 20’ and was rendered a paraplegic.
Gravity Vault received the Small Business Administration’s 2013 New Jersey Small Business Persons of the Year. The Gravity Vault is New Jersey's biggest gym company and has expansion plans.