“A Celebration … of Climbing Itself”


The Ace Hotel bouldering wall.  Photo: Core77.com
The Ace Hotel bouldering wall. Photo: Core77.com

Inside the super-trendy Ace Hotel on the east side of London, there is a bouldering wall that would be right at home in a training gym or a museum. The wall, which was installed in September by Therapie Kletterwand and is 4 x 3.2m and is part of the hotel’s guest fitness area. The wall is adjustable from 10° slab to 50° overhanging. But what makes this wall unique, is the subtle gradient color pattern, which gradually changes color towards the top.
A close up of the color scheme used on the hotel wall. Photo: Dezeen.com
Patternity hand-painted the pattern on the plywood wall and integrated different coloured climbing holds into the surface design. Photo: Dezeen.com

Designed by Patternity a London-based creative studio to coincide with the London Design Festival. The designers, Anna Murray and Grace Winteringham told Dezeen.com, “The surface design created here is intended as a celebration of the act of climbing itself; a reward for patience and perseverance, resulting in strength and growth,” said the studio.