Work at Height This July


Routesetting, the lonely art.  Photo: CBJ
Routesetting, the lonely art. Photo: CBJ

The Climbing Wall Association and the Petzl Technical Institute have developed a Work At Height training and assessment program for commercial and institutional climbing gym operations.

The three-day course combines instruction in the tools, techniques and management practices
for routesetters and other staff that access your climbing wall in day-to-day operations.

The Work At Height In Climbing Gyms course is designed to:

  • Improve the level of consistency and competency of employees working at height in climbing gyms
  • Define a consistent standard of care for employees working at height in climbing gyms
  • Evaluate the technical skills of employees working at height in climbing gyms
  • Provide candidates with guidance for managing a fall protection program in climbing gyms
  • Provide a means of promoting consistency and quality assurance for employees working at height in climbing gyms

This certification course will cover:

  • Administrative requirements
  • Specialized equipment
  • Practical techniques
  • Procedures for work at height as a gym employee

We will discuss the selection and use of vertical rope access fall arrest equipment and the application of certain industrial work at height techniques used in the climbing wall environment. While working at height on a climbing wall, course participants will demonstrate techniques for: Ascending; Descending; Work positioning; Self-belay; and Rescue.

Successful candidates should understand, and be able to implement, a comprehensive work-at-height program, and be able to train staff to work within that program.

Cost: $1000 / per person (3 day course – Includes catered lunches at Petzl America and discount referrals to neighboring hotels)

07/20/16 – 07/22/16
9:00 am – 5:00 pm

Petzl Technical Institute
2929 Decker Lake Drive
Salt Lake City, UT

To register for the course visit the Petzl Technical Institute.