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Climbing Cafe Terre Haute Indiana

New Indiana Gym Blends Bouldering with Coffee

Specs: 4,000-square-foot facility combines coffee shop culture with traditional climbing gym offerings. The climbing features include bouldering walls, a MoonBoard, a peg board, a campus board, and an “aggressive” pull-up area (constructed to be “marine-proof,” as the gym is right next to a military recruiting station). The gym brews locally roasted coffee and sells a roast specifically made for the gym itself. It also offers an array of fruit smoothies and sandwiches with specialty bread from a local bakery. Climbing Cafe also sells branded t-shirts designed by the owners, with approximately a dozen different shirt designs featured at any one time. (And most of the revenue gets invested back into the local community.)

Futurist Climbing Flooring & Mats: A Long-Play Partnership

Futurist customers are noticing that when they hire Futurist they get an excellent product and service. “Many commercial climbing gym clients have struggled with...
G1 Climbing + Fitness

Broomfield’s Climbing Gym Is Under Construction

Specs: 25,000 square-foot facility will feature walls (55 feet tall) for lead climbing and top roping, as well as a speed climbing area. Additional amenities will include yoga and fitness classes, adult and youth climbing programs, lockers, a conference room, a Kilter Board, a Tension Board, and the availability of on-site childcare.
Youth climbers at competition

10 Ways to Improve Your Climbing Gym’s Youth Program

Youth climbing is booming. There is a growing number of gyms around the country, so the sport is naturally more accessible to youngsters than ever before. Also, as climbing cements itself more securely in the mainstream and in the lifestyle milieu, parents increasingly see it as a viable athletic option for kids. Here are 10 keys to making any youth program better, with special insider advice from youth program expert Nicole Brandt.
The Spot Denver

Denver Gets Its Spot

Specs: 19,000-square-foot bouldering gym in the downtown area, divided into three separate-but-connected rooms. Additional amenities include a Kilter Board by Lemur Designs, a Tension Board, workout equipment, a retail shop for gear sales and crashpad rentals, large bathrooms, and an open space for parties and events.   
Vertical Life route setter survey

First International Routesetter Survey

Italy-based Vertical Life - which primarily develops software for the climbing industry - has launched what the company describes as "the first comprehensive survey of routesetting around the world." By taking a closer look at the nuts and bolts of routesetting fundamentals, operations and careers, the survey intends to identify similarities and differences in routesetting standards and promote exchange within the routesetting profession.
Speed climbing

New Certified Speed Hold Manufacturer

The IFSC recently announced the appointment of Volx Climbing as the new IFSC Certified Speed Hold Manufacturer. According to the IFSC Speed License Rules, certified speed climbing holds are the only holds accepted for speed world record attempts and the certified speed hold manufacturer is set for a period of two years.
new Climbing Business Journal website

CBJ Gets a Makeover – Core Values Remain

Long-time Climbing Business Journal readers will quickly notice—if they have not already—that the CBJ website has been completely redesigned to improve the user experience and accommodate CBJ’s ever-expanding offerings. Users now have quick access to what is trending. They are also able to navigate categorized gym projects with greater ease and peruse CBJ’s extensive back catalog of articles like Gyms & Trends and Grip List awards.
climbing has grown up

Climbing Has Grown Up

Dear CBJ readers,Like you, I love climbing. The business of climbing, talking about climbing, and particularly the act of climbing. It's hard to pinpoint...
Jonathan Brandt - Hotter Than Chicken

Comp Combines Spicy Chicken with Epic Sends: Behind the Desk With Jonathan Brandt

Behind the Desk… is an ongoing series that profiles people influencing and advancing the industry in gyms across the country. This month, CBJ heads to Music City, USA, to talk about the Hotter Than Chicken competition, one of the most unique gym events ever.