1Climb Surges Forward with New Locations in California

Concept rendering for the climbing wall at the Boys and Girls Club in Pasadena. All photos courtesy of 1Climb
1Climb surges forward with three new climbing walls opening this summer, including the Pasadena wall sketched here.
Concept rendering for the climbing wall at the Boys and Girls Club in Pasadena. All photos courtesy of 1Climb

Specs: 1Climb, the St. Louis, Missouri-based nonprofit that installs climbing walls in Boys and Girls Club of America facilities around the country, is nearing completion of projects at three new locations in California—impacted but undeterred by the COVID-19 crisis. The three Boys and Girls Clubs that will be receiving climbing walls are located in Pasadena, Tustin, and Long Beach. The partnering gyms that will provide aid, instruction, and other necessities for those Boys and Girls Clubs are, respectively, Verdigo Boulders, Sender One, and Long Beach Rising.

Final installations at the three locations should be completed by the end of June, with grand openings happening at the end of July or early August, according to 1Climb’s Executive Director, Tim Baum. The walls of each location are being funded by a donation from Adidas Terrex. Other brand specifications for all locations are listed below.

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A rendering of the climbing wall in Tustin.
The projects in Long Beach, Pasadena and Tustin (pictured here) will increase 1Climb’s tally of new walls to seven.

Walls: Eldorado Climbing Walls
Holds: So iLL
Autobelays: Head Rush Technologies/TRUBLUE
Website: 1climb.org
1Climb Instagram: @1climb_official

In Their Words: [on the COVID-19 crisis]: “Unfortunately, 1Climb was also affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. Along with many other businesses, our projects were delayed due to the stay-at-home measures, which postponed the design, manufacturing, and installation of Boys and Girls Club climbing walls. Also, our partnering Boys and Girls Clubs were also trying to navigate these waters in terms of their services to their kids and staff. We did not know when they would open back up, as well as in what capacity.”
—Tim Baum, Executive Director of 1Climb

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