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What to look for at this year’s CWA Summit

CWA Summit
Photo: 2018 Climbing Wall Association Summit

It’s that time of year again—the Climbing Wall Association’s annual Summit, the largest gathering for those in the climbing wall industry.

The festivities will kick off with a keynote speech and welcome party on the evening of May 15 at the Embassy Suites in Loveland, Colorado. The 2019 summit will continue for several days with smaller roundtable discussions, conferences, and speeches about all aspects of gym ownership an operation.

If last year’s summit is any indication, this year’s summit is likely to be a global affair—with attendees not only from all over the United States, but also Europe and Asia.

One of the hottest topics of recent summits has been routesetting as a craft and career. That is likely to be just as popular for discussion again this year, with several breakout sessions related to routesetting tips and methodology (including a session titled “Mentoring Your Setting Team,” and another titled, “Transitioning from Contract to Staff Routesetters”).

Also, given the tightened buzz around competition climbing as the 2020 Olympics approach, a breakout session this year will be entirely devoted to educating those in attendance about USA Climbing. Another session will be titled simply, “Recipes for Successful Climbing Competitions.”

Other discussions at this year’s summit will be related to gym youth programs, gym liability, gym flooring, gym insurance, staff mentorship, and utilization of the latest version of Rock Gym Pro.

Climbing Holds and the 2019 Grip List

And of course, the CWA Summit is historically the place for hold companies to introduce and showcase their newest shapes and designs. That’s why CBJ will be launching the 2019 Grip List Survey on May 20, after the summit, so you have the chance to see the latest shapes.

We’re also excited to partner with The Shape Gallery at Wooden Mountain to hold the first Grip List People’s Choice Survey. They set routes with brand-new plastic from over 25 hold companies, and anyone who visits May 14-17 can fill out a survey. Results will be announced with the full GripList results.

Stay tuned to Climbing Business Journal for complete coverage of this year’s Summit!

By John Burgman

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