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Case Study: Brooklyn Boulders

Case Study: Brooklyn Boulders Gowanus Location Update

Branded Content Problem Brooklyn Boulders, one of the nation’s leading indoor climbing facilities, planted their roots in the Gowanus neighborhood of Brooklyn back in 2009. With a massive plan to rock the climbing world, they set out with a fantastic space, a vision, and their own grassroots construction methods and materials. What they didn’t know…

Vertical Solutions’ New Hiring Bonus

Vertical Solutions Launches Industry Referral Program

Branded Content Vertical Solutions, the nation’s leading one-stop solution provider for indoor climbing walls, floors, holds, and business consulting, is launching a new industry referral program to aide the expansion of their climbing wall construction crews. Manufacturing climbing products and building climbing gyms requires that employees not only posses job-specific skills, but also satisfy the…

Bouldering Gym Floor Anatomy

Anatomy of a Bouldering Gym Floor

Branded Content With the progress and growth of the climbing gym industry comes a lot of opportunity for companies to dedicate resources to not only improving the climbing experience, but also the products themselves. The first products in any growing industry typically come from adaptations of products made for different but similar uses. As a…

Asana: Adventure People

Asana: Adventure People

Jamey Sproull grew up playing with Fisher-Price’s line of action figures, called Adventure People, and incidentally forged his own adventurous career path by founding Asana, the popular bouldering gear and custom padding company.

Start-Up Gym Consultation

Start-Up Gym Consultation

Branded Content Most readers here are familiar with the industry growth that indoor rock climbing businesses have seen over the past 6 years. The Climbing Business Journal’s Annual Gyms and Trends report gives a detailed analysis of the state of the industry, and one observation consistently made by potential first-time gym owners is that every…