2nd World Indoor Climbing Summit

WICS 2019 - the 2nd World Indoor Climbing Summit

Branded Content The moment Free Solo won the Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature, climbing underground days were recognizably gone. The Oscar was the ultimate acknowledgement that, after years of significant growth, climbing is no longer a niche sport but a global trend. Not everyone saw this coming, especially at such a pace. There were…

New Shapes, New Movement

New Shapes, New Movement

Branded Content You walk into a new gym hoping for a good climbing workout. You are eager for the stretch and the pump. Excited voices of other climbers echo throughout the space underneath overhead music. It smells faintly of sweat and chalk. You look around at the walls and assess your climbing options. In addition…

Software Powering the Industry

Rock Gym Pro - The Software Powering the Industry

For the past 10 years, hundreds of climbing gyms around the world have relied on Rock Gym Pro’s member management software to run their business. In fact, over 90% of all climbing facilities use our software to run their daily operations with over 100,000 check-ins – each day!  We’re proud to be an integral part…

USAC Signs Deal With ESPN

USAC Signs Deal With ESPN

USA Climbing has entered into a multi-year programming agreement with ESPN to livestream and televise three Championship Events.

Sport Keeper: Gym Software

Sport Keeper: Climbing Gym Management Software

Branded Content Last year 43 new climbing gyms opened according to an article here on Climbing Business Journal. In addition, between 1,000 and 1,500 people try climbing for the first time every day. The climbing industry is getting bigger, and your gyms member base is growing right along with it. Managing the members, payments, and…